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We’re already making lists and thinking about shopping for loved ones. And the sales. They are starting, so we want to be ready to pounce. Here are some of our best ideas for you to add to your list or to give to someone trying to live a little healthier themselves. We’re also constantly updating our list as we see things, so you can also check out our Amazon Idea List too. (Please note if you’re on a mobile browser the embedded links may not work, but they will if you access this page from a laptop.)

For the chef. These are what we’d consider game changers in the kitchen when it comes to preparing and storing food in a variety of ways.

For the health conscious. Health conscious can mean eating well or just generally aware of the things they need to do to improve their health. Good body products and enhancing sleep are at the top of our list for making sure you’re actually ready to rock each day. Of course, with the right plastic-free hydration in tow.

For the athletically inclined. Working out means ready to recover and ready to workout at any given moment. A good jump rope can be all that you need to make sure you’re day starts with some cardio and then wrap the day up with some wind down time in a salt soak to help your muscles unwind.

Did we forget something that has made your year a little brighter that you want to make sure others know? Share in the comments, so we can add it to the list!

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