one-hour consult

nutrition reboot.

One-on-one, 45-minute counseling session to evaluate nutrition habits and create a roadmap for you to implement independently. 

Identify keystone habits to shift.

Establish optimal calorie and macronutrient needs.

Develop sport-specific fueling strategies.

May be in-person, via phone or via video conference.

Includes a detailed written recap to keep you on track.

Add a metabolic test to your session for $50.

Perfect starting place to assess where you are and the changes you can make to immediately improve your health.


monthly subscription

with 3-month minimum commitment

body transformation plan.

Personalized nutrition program with built-in, ongoing accountability to help you reshape your lifestyle and reach your long-term goals. 

Weekly virtual check-ins, ongoing plan refinement, 24×7 e-mail support.

Fine-tuned counseling to navigate the toughest challenges and races ahead.

Ideal for reaching weight-loss goals and athletes in training.


monthly subscription

with 3-month minimum commitment

body transformation plan + weekly phone meetings.

All of the nutrition coaching you need from the body transformation program plus weekly 15-minute phone calls to create even greater accountability.

Some people need a more personal touch than online support is able to provide. 

If you need a weekly pep talk as you work to shift your lifestyle, this option is for you.


a la carte

metabolic testing.

Fine tune your nutrition strategy with a metabolic test to dial in your exact calorie needs.

Devote 10-minutes to a breath test to determine if your metabolism needs are different from the norm.

Recommended if you have thyroid concerns, challenges losing weight or are an athlete in training.

Combine with a nutrition reboot to save and make the most of your results for $150 total ($25 savings).

Accelerate your results by testing your body to determine your exact needs. 


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