personalized consult

nutrition reboot.

Need a new roadmap to help refine your current nutrition approach or troubleshoot a performance nutrition need?

Start with a one-on-one consult to objectively evaluate nutrition habits and create a personalized roadmap for you to implement independently. 

Plans will include guidance on optimal calorie and macronutrient needs, suggested meal ideas and personalized recipe book.

May be in-person, via phone or via video conference.

Add a metabolic test to your session to determine your exact calorie needs for only $50.

Perfect starting place to assess exactly where you are and the changes you can make to immediately improve your health.


monthly subscription

with 3-month minimum commitment

lifestyle transformation.

Know you need to make changes, but don’t know where to start? This program takes you through the step-by-step process of changing individual habits and behaviors to help you establish a whole new you.

The program includes daily nutrition lessons to keep you engaged and motivated, with the active support of a coach each step of the way.

Don’t have time to track food and learn about macros? This program is perfect for you because it helps you put the building blocks in place for lasting change and improving your health and body composition.

Ideal for reshaping your relationship with food and achieving sustainable weight-loss.


monthly subscription

with 3-month minimum commitment

performance nutrition.

Training for a race or a competition and overwhelmed figuring out what to eat and when? Or flummoxed trying to figure out how to lose weight and effectively train at the same time? 

Let us help you remove the guess work and put together a personalized plan to support your training and overall goals. We’ll take it a step further, by coaching you on how to implement it, holding you accountable and making adjustments as your training evolves. 

Support includes weekly online check-ins, ongoing plan refinement, PLUS 24×7 e-mail support.

Add a metabolic test to your session for $50.

Ideal for athletes in training and reaching weight-loss goals.


a la carte

lifestyle tools.

Need to learn how to cook, grocery shop or organize your kitchen?

Need someone else to come purge the house of temptation?

We assist clients with the lifestyle tools they need to make changes that last and realize sometimes that means support that’s outside the box. Tell us where you need help and we will work with you to find a solution.

Accelerate your results by addressing your personal needs. 

Estimated based on needs

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