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let’s be real for a second.

We get it.

Keeping up with life alone is a challenge.

Putting forth the extra effort needed to care for and nourish your body falls to the bottom of the list.

Especially when easier, unhealthy choices bombard us at every turn.

If this is you, we’re glad you found us.

It’s time to put you first.

focused + fit is a personalized program to improve your health.


reach your goals. change your relationship with food. become a more educated consumer.

focused + fit is:

woman owned, online or in-person nutrition coaching tailored to your life + all of its demands

we communicate like you do:

in-person, virtual, email, or text-based support

personal coaching + hands-on planning

we meet you where you are — mentally and physically

Lifestyle Transformation

lifestyle transformation

Personalized weight-loss nutrition program with built-in, ongoing accountability, empowering you to take control of your health.

Through a habit-based approach, you’ll learn to eat in a balanced way that eliminates cravings, reduces belly fat, and helps you feel better in your clothes.

Transform your health and body image through improved habits.

performance nutrition

Athletic nutrition program tailored to support your training and performance goals. 

If you train hard and aren’t getting the results you want, nutrition is probably the missing link.  Improve your overall body composition and endurance and learn how to properly fuel for your sport.

Power your performance with improved nutrition.

nutrition reboot

Personalized nutrition coaching one month at a time, no commitment necessary. 

Have a solid routine that needs a little refinement?  A single month of coaching may be all you need to tweak your habits and obtain the results you want.

Achieve near-term weight-loss or athletic goals without a long-term commitment.

your health goal partners

(what you get)

Goal setting

Personalized nutrition plans


On-going support

Organization tips


Jesselyn Reed

As I progressed in my training for Ironman Texas, I realized I would have to improve my approach to my nutrition if I were going to do well in my first Ironman. I consulted with focused+fit to fine tune my hydration and nutrition strategy to power me through the race. focused + fit provided me guidance on how to stock my kitchen, construct a meal plan for training days and understand how many calories I needed to fuel my training day in and day out. This information was very valuable to me as a newbie to the sport of triathlon. Lisa really kept it simple, and I was not overwhelmed. In addition, she taught me to listen to the signals that my body gave me regarding nutrition/hydration throughout training, so I could adjust as I trained as well. From a nutrition standpoint, my race went great. I was able to eat what was comfortable for me, and complete the race well-fueled and without any GI issues, which is always a big concern for long-course athletes.

Jesselyn Reed

Emily Coleman
This is personalized, so you are only going to get what you put in, and the process is only as tight as you make it. When I started I needed more leeway, but after a couple months, I was ready to get more serious and my schedule allowed for that. Be honest with what you can do, and don't go too easy on yourself if you want results! I started my journey with focused + fit not long after my son was born, and I have found that the very tailored approach Lisa has works very well. I have lost 20 pounds, 5% of my body fat and gained two pounds of lean muscle over the last 20 weeks, and I accredit focused + fit's very personalized method. Working with someone who understands juggling a full-time job, two kids and fitness goals is the only way I could have ever accomplished my goals so far.
Emily Coleman

Anne Davis
I have consistently lost weight as long as I stayed on the program. When I've had questions or concerns, focused + fit has been there for me with answers and suggestions. focused + fit has also been very encouraging and supportive when I have slipped up. I have seen nutritionists before who gave me a calorie count to maintain, but I wasn't able to lose more than a few pounds. The calorie count was generally too low for me, and I couldn't keep it up for long term. It takes self-discipline, but the rewards are so immediate, that it's not that difficult to stay on track. I love the personalized counseling that focused + fit gives me.
Anne Davis

Wendy Heck
After a long history of dieting and taking extreme measures to lose weight, I always carried a lot self-doubt and guilt about my willpower – or lack thereof.  Working with Lisa to establish goals and focusing on the overall picture has given me the DATA that I needed to get to a different place – not only from a nutritional standpoint but as a whole person.  This journey has allowed me to find inner peace that I didn’t even know I needed.  I truly believe I will leave this earth with more acceptance of myself than I could have imagined. 
Wendy Heck

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