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Another Houston Rodeo season is here and if you are an avid goer, you know the Rodeo can be a fun time. There are plenty of reasons why the Rodeo might be a big pull for you, the music, the actual rodeo, the livestock show, the carnival and the food. It’s a big tradition in Houston and for some it’s not a question of whether or not they are going but how many times they can swing it. On top of this Spring Break is about to happen!! More fun to be had by many, including trips and time with family.
None of these things are bad things, in fact we advocate for having fun, BUT – yes of course there is a BUT- let’s take a moment remember a few things.
  1. If you have goals that involve fat loss, body commotion changes or improved performance, then you need to weigh your goals out with the “fun” you plan to have at the rodeo or on your vacay.
  2. What you eat and drink matters. I know this seems obvious, but regularly I hear things like “rodeo calories don’t count” “calories don’t matter on vacation” or insert the event you have coming up soon. We like to justify our overindulgence.
  3. Have a plan going into these fun packed days. If it’s the Rodeo, eat a balanced meal before you go and set some limits on your consumption. If it’s a trip your taking, decide how you are going to manage things day to day.
  4. Remember that consistency is how people get where they want to go. There’s always going to be “something” that could be a reason to let loose or eat all the fried Oreos (if that’s your thing). And maybe you can’t get fried Oreos at every event you attend, but there is a difference between only having one fried Oreo and the rest of the day being business as usual and having 2 fried Oreos, some nachos, some bbq, 5 drinks and funnel cake.
  5. Remember to be aware of and track your alcohol consumption. For most people, the more they drink, the more they are inclined to overindulge in food.
  6. Pack snacks for long days. Have things on hand you can eat when you are hungry so you are less inclined to grab for the thing you said you were going to avoid.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. Enjoy the time with your family and friends!
Bottom line: it’s a fun time of year and it’s also a good time to have a little reality check to insure you are moving the direction you want to go.

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