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For my family of four, I like to shop at Costco about every three months to stock up on essentials and fill my extra full-sized freezer with protein, fruit and vegetables to fill in the gaps with the fresh produce I pick up weekly at the store. Costco also has a ton of great, high-quality cooking staples that I don’t need to buy often, when purchased in quantity and bulk. The store is seasonal so some favorite things are only available when it’s most cost effective to offer them, and they are always adding new things, so it is almost impossible to keep up, but here’s my current list. If I’ve missed something, let me know!

Fresh organic produce. Needs no explanation.


Assorted good things. These all have minimal ingredients and no added sugar. Things like hummus, grilled chicken, organic deli turkey, Whole30 approved chicken sausage and chicken meatballs, can help with packing lunches or in the weeks when cooking time is hard to come by. Frozen avocado and riced cauliflower helps to round out meals and keeps great in the freezer. Also kimchi for gut health!


Protein! Organic chicken, ground turkey and sometimes you can find grass-fed ground beef as well. We also love the frozen and fresh wild caught seafood or the Seafood Watch-approved farmed Barramundi. For a special treat, sometimes we get the boiled King crab or fresh mussels. At the other end of the spectrum, if you need fast and ready to eat protein, the Orgain shakes or Wild Planet tuna are great options and the Columbus and Kirkland house bacon can add some great flavor to your breakfasts or roasts. Note the Kirkland bacon does not have any sugar in it at all, which is a rare thing to find in bacon and it is still delicious. You won’t miss it.


Dairy. If dairy is part of your routine, they have delicious cheeses, non-fat and whole milk greek yogurt, and occasionally they even have Siggis yogurt.

Favorite drinks. Our treats for drinks at our house are Topo Chico, Waterloo and occasionally Kombucha. They have fun seasonal flavors of Kombucha, but as always check the sugar levels of those before incorporating them. I look for less than 8g of sugar per serving. If you’re an athlete looking for Coconut Water they have several version of it as well.

Frozen staples. When you don’t have time to chop and prep, frozen vegetables can be a life saver. We keep stir-fry on hand for lunches at all times and use the berries and mango in oatmeal or smoothies. The frozen avocado above goes great in smoothies too. Root veggies are great roasted or you can add them to soups too.

Coffee. You know I’m serious about this. Great beans to grind and brew yourself or ready to drink cold brew.  They also have K-cups, but that’s not my go to.

Grains and breakfast things. If you’re a bread eater, they have Dave’s Killer Bread as well as Alpine Organics for whole grain options. Kodiak pancake mix and pre-made waffles are also great options for making at home. If you need a gluten-free option, we love BirchBenders, when we are out of Legit Bread Company’s pancake mix. They also have almond flour if you want to make your own, too.

Spices! These are staples in my spice cabinet and yes, I do need them in containers this large. Thank you!


Cooking staples. Sugar-less marinara and salsa, organic canned tomatoes and canned beans are also handy to keep on hand in the pantry for quick dinner options. They also have great unrefined cooking fats and nut butters. Primal Kitchen’s mayo is free of canola oil and an easy option, if you don’t have time to make your own mayo.


Snacks. There are plenty of treats, too, but personally I think it’s better not to buy those in Costco-sized volumes. Instead we pick up these tasty options for lunches and snacks to have on the run.


Special needs. I’m not going to pretend everyone is going to eat beets, but if you’re an endurance athlete, they have been proven to be beneficial and dried beet powder is hard to beat for convenience. I add it to my oatmeal. Liquid IV is a great option for a hydration drink while training. MCT Oil is a super energy source for keto and non-keto eaters alike. Just a teaspoon in coffee will give you amazing energy. And finally, everyone needs some collagen-loaded bone broth, which is great for drinking or cooking with.

Not sure how all this awesome food actually fits into a routine to help you meet your goals? Set up a free 1:1 call with one of our coaches to determine how personalized nutrition coaching can help you!

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