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One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to accept is recognizing when I was overtraining. I’d read about it as an issue. I knew some people really struggled with it, but I thought that was them. 

Not me. 

Sure I was crossfitting four to five times a week and running and sometimes biking… And working full-time and raising two girls, but I was ok. 

I’d been doing it for years, and it had been fine. 

Until it wasn’t. 

Somewhere along the way, what had been doable just stopped working. 

I started feeling achy all the time. 

I couldn’t recover from workouts that used to be fine. 

I couldn’t sleep well. 

I started feeling fluffier and fluffier even though I was still trying to workout as hard as I could. 

I was so frustrated!

I tried to diet harder to lose the weight and cut calories, but needless to say that did not fix the issue at all. 

The diets that helped me lose college weight and later baby weight didn’t touch the extra weight I put on in my late 30s. It seemed impenetrable and yet I was trying so hard!!!

And truthfully, I felt like garbage. I just thought fixing the weight was the highest priority.

What’s funny though is that it wasn’t dieting harder or working out harder that I needed to focus on. Instead I had to stop punishing and pounding my body and learn to really care for it. 

That meant healthy food and nourishment; revising my workout routine, and learning to truly listen to my body. 

It was a project! And one that would have been so much faster, if I’d only had people to listen to and guide me through it. This is why we work so hard to support all facets of our clients lives now. 

It’s not just about the food when it comes to getting to your goals, and we know how to put it all in to context. 

On that note, today in our Facebook group, Kia is talking about why rest days are such an important part of the puzzle. Join the LIVE discussion at 11 a.m. CT and watch the replay if you miss it. 

Check it out here



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