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If you’ve never been to Sprouts, it’s a great combination of being small enough for quick in and out trips and large enough to have all that you need for a whole foods diet. I love it because it has all the produce and essentials at the center of the store instead of being shoved to the side with all the processed food being right in the middle. They also have some amazing options for people pursuing a dairy-free or gluten-free lifestyle.

Our round-up focuses on many of the things unique to Sprouts that you may not find at your everyday grocer, but they have all of that stuff too.  The only thing you may not find there is some of your personal or household cleaning products, but they do have healthy options for that too.

Happy shopping!

1. Produce:

Seasonal produce well displayed in the center of the store in bins and end caps, so it’s clear exactly what’s in season at that moment. They also keep all the staples on hand and have a well-stocked organic produce section.

2. Faster meal prep:

Meal kits, pre-cut veggies + frozen food make cooking in a pinch so much easier when there’s literally no time. We recently had to live out of an AirBnB for a month while we had water damaged repaired in our home, and we lived on the Sprouts meal kits with some added rice or potatoes for dinners for weeks. They are yummy and rotate regularly, and they have other great options in the prepared food and frozen section as well. They also have tons of ready to eat veggies you can add to a meal to round it out without a ton of extra work as a sous chef.

3. Spice it up:

Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland! Dressings, seasonings + simmer sauces can make quick cooking easy and yummy without having to crack a cookbook open. I recently boiled an entire pork roast in my pressure cooker, shredded it and tossed with the Siete carnitas seasoning and we had it for lunches all week. It was awesome! Highly recommend.

4. Snack ideas:

Snacks can be emergency food, treats and sports nutrition all rolled into one package. We like the options typically featured at Sprouts for being whole food ingredients and better treat options for you. Approach all flavored nut butters with caution. They are my ultimate guilty pleasure and too damn good! Oh and that bag of stuff is 85% dark Columbian chocolate from the bulk bin section, which is the bomb for a chocolate fix and just a little is plenty, so it’s a win, win.

5. Dairy alternatives:

Dairy-free life is so much easier with some of the new dairy-free alternatives at Sprouts. We also love all the non-dairy milks, creamers and yogurts, but these are some of the harder to find anywhere cheese and butter substitutes that are actually pretty good!

6. Wraps:

If you live in Texas, you know everything is better in a wrap. The gluten-free ones work like a charm, if you need a gluten-free option. If you don’t, they have regular ones too!

7. Beverages:

Coffee, tea, bone broths and more! I am still a sucker for delicious coffee and Stumptown takes me back to my many trips to Portland, OR for work in years gone by. I love that I can get it locally now and the other options pictured here are some other great go tos.

8. Workout fuel and quick breakfasts:

Quick breakfasts and pre workout snacks for early morning athletes is a constant challenge. Fortunately, Sprouts has many good options, like the ones pictured here. We also like Nuun Prime for pre workout and Nuun Endurance for long, hot workouts in the summer. The protein choices are the best among grocery stores and you’re sure to find one that works for you.

Finally magnesium for bedtime to help you recover and be ready to repeat tomorrow!

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