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If you live in Texas, you probably occasionally frequent an HEB. The San Antonio grocery-based chain is an icon known for coming to the rescue when Gulf Coast cities and towns are devastated by hurricanes, and according to Glassdoor was the best retail place to work in the country in 2020, which is saying a lot in the middle of a pandemic. They also happen to have an arsenal of healthy food ready for the most discerning consumer. We’ve rounded up pictures of some of our favorites that we hope will inspire you to try some new things for your kitchen as well.

1. Organic produce:

It’s essential to look for organic produce because they often have more nutrients and antioxidants. Also, they contain fewer pesticides which is beneficial to your health.

organic product

2. Veggies

Eating veggies is fundamental to health because they are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber while being low in calories and fat. We know sometimes is difficult to include them in your meals because they often demand time to prepare, but pre-cut and frozen veggies makes everything easier.

3. Protein:

The good news here is that you have many options to chose from, depending on your needs and available time. You can stock your freezer with many options to prepare or you could just simply buy ready-to-go options. In both categories, there are healthy options that won’t sabotage your goals.



4. Ready-to-eat:

It’s not a secret that most of us have limited free time. We get that. So thank goodness there are healthy ready-to-eat options for busy days.

ready to eatready to eat

5. Wraps and breads:

In order to be healthy, you don’t need to eliminate wraps and breads of your life, but you do want to focus on whole grain or gluten-free options. Gluten-free for those that literally can’t stomach the whole grain options.

6. Cooking fats

Here it is important to consider whether you are going to cook at high or low temperatures, because of that depends on which is the best oil to use.   When you’re cooking at high temperatures, you want to use oils that are stable and don’t oxidize or go rancid, such as coconut oil. But when you are going to use it as a dressing or to cook at low temperatures, some of the best options are olive or avocado oil. For all, focus on unrefined, natural oils.

cooking fats

7. Pantry Staples:

The following pantry staples are basic items that we like to keep on hand because they are versatile ingredients that allow us to cook and eat different things easily.

8. Fridge Staples:

These are healthy options to spice up your recipes. There are so many ways to use them, so don’t be shy and get creative!

fridge staples

9. Snack Ideas:

Snacks are important because they help to keep you from overeating at main meals and give you energy during the day. Healthy snacks are particularly important because on top of that, they provide your body with nutrients!


10. Savory Treats:

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chips? We all love them!

It wouldn’t be fair to say goodbye to them. Fortunately, there are healthier options for us to enjoy. These options usually are baked instead of fried and have sea salt.

Trust us, following these recommendations will allow you to save lots of time while enjoying a healthy lifestyle savoring every meal! So save this post and use it the next time you shop!

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