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As you train your way to better fitness, we hope at the same time you’re thinking about other elements of your life you can dial in to improve your health. A key part of that is how you’re eating. Like it or not, the saying six-packs are made in the kitchen really is true.

The Western Diet that surrounds all of us is working against your health all the time, and if you’re not making a conscious effort to do better for yourself and your family you’re losing ground. Reaching for better health doesn’t have to be boring, rigid or complicated. Here are some key habits you can start implementing today.

  • Fill your cart. When you grocery shop, divide your cart in half and make sure at least one half of your cart is filled with fruits and vegetables. Every. Single. Week.
  • Find a fruit bowl. Put that fruit out where you can see it. If you have a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter and vegetables at the front of your fridge, you’re much more likely to reach for it when you’re ready for a snack.
  • Look yourself in the mirror. Track your food. Log all of your food on the free app MyFitnessPal for a week. You may be surprised to realize your diet isn’t as clean as you think. Don’t just look at calories, look at the fiber content too. If you aren’t getting to 25-30 grams of fiber a day, you need more unprocessed foods in your diet.
  • Cook one more meal a week. Creating a meal with real food that you buy for yourself from the grocery store is better for you than anything you’ll eat at a restaurant. Celebrate that food is part of our culture and is something to spend time with, not just a meal to rush through as you jam to the next activity.

Want to get even more dialed in or develop a nutrition fueling plan for your next event? Schedule a session to discuss your goals and challenges, and we can make a plan that’s tailored to you. 

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